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The Ghost Orb Light

by Neurotic Carousel

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"The Ghost Orb Light", is a full-length demo-album from compilations of all our oldest music we've made from our past sessions of writing and composing that we've decided to form into a musical album. A mostly dark acoustic ambient set. With various combinations of style and sounds..

"Within this atmosphere, these ghost orb lights shall guide us.."

Genre Style: Dark experimental-acoustic, ambient rock.

(Self released 2008)

--Front-cover Concept: The women in the picture is nursing the ghost orb. The spirit dwells inside the lantern.
The knife she's holding is a guarded weapon of protection and the room they're in. She is in the upstairs attic. (See stairs leading to the attic on back cover). The spirit orb is a manifestation of the haunted home, symbolizing illuminations of a nurturing soul.


released October 22, 2008

The Ghost Orb Light- Front
and inside cover art photographs taken by Mark Cavazos.
Back cover photograph insert by Kamil Kowalczyk.
All songs written by Neurotic Carousel. ℗ Published 2008. © Copyright 2008 by Neurotic Carousel. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Neurotic Carousel Mc Allen, Texas

Label: Isolated Eclipse Records.

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Track Name: My Presence...Here Resonates Eternal (Intro)
: vocal / operatic / chanting:
Track Name: Beyond Twilight

Standing here, alone and dreary
Watching you the doors open-And inviting
Everything black and white, everything so black and white..
This dream again haunts me, a glimpse of you again
prosyletizing me and my dreams

Why do you patronize me
Why do you sneer your coldness onto me
Standing there, soundless and stiff
Still with your bollards hat and your well dressed tuxedo
What is your reason, why do you haunt me?
What is your Reason, Why do you haunt me?
What is your reason, why do you haunt me?

I blink my eyes, close my eyes. Maybe your just an illusion
And you'll dissapear, when I open my eyes. Your there..
Standing closer and closer

As I run to the door
Past my eyes
As I run to the door past my eyes
You're faceless distorted and blurry
You're faceless and distorted and blurry

As you grab my arm, my head runs away with my mind
Convergence is constricting identity inside of me
Embrace the faceless, from beyond the twilight
From beyond the twilight
Track Name: Trance to the Spinning Blades

I’m moving
Closer (farther) from your


Cold breath…in saving your and my arms
And I’m sitting here in this wheelchair … Alone
[As I’m dying slowly]
To live a little and wait within this Sphere Mirror of our just going closer and closer to this...
You’re so... (Alive)

(Opera Vocal Ambiance)

Moving closer…closer to the spinning blades
Moving closer…closer to the spinning blades
Spinning Blades
Spinning Blades
Track Name: Pneumonia
Featuring: Matthew Trevino on harmonized back-up vocal layer and Acoustic.



Don’t Mourn more…Just a few statues are left /
They glare at us…you’ve got vulture eyes /
And seduced me for my last match I harnessed inside my mouth / and I used your tongue / to use your skill and make her face salt / by burning her face off…

The birds in the trees seeking shelter around to their silence…our train will be arriving soon / And we’ll escape away from off this Foreign place / And you cannot mourn ….Because you can’t at all / I’ll just drag you along with me keep you as my wheelchair vegetable of my accompany / My paralyzed darling / My sweet.

While I dump you and your unborn miscarriage on the side of the frozen curb

Bury you in the snow / And say a prayer / I am all but left alone in the ice glacier… strange as I can hear the loud terrified sirens / echoing from a distance / Now get the hell off me...
Track Name: Our Days...(A Reflection A Memory)
: improvisational wall of vocal / chanting:

"Guide me"
Track Name: Ghost In a Lonely Realm

I’m breaking away
I’m losing your hand
Trying to withstand
These rooms of tainted memory

Mourning dies down
Like these ghost-like fears
Oh I’m here now…and there’s
No one left but me…

As I stand here
These shadows that shine
Everyone inside my bones
Now there’s left ashes

Mourning dies down
Like these ghost-like fears
Oh I’m here now…and there’s
No one left but me…

For nothing left…seems so far away
And now there’s no one here.

Mourning dies down
Like these ghost-like fears
Oh I’m here now…and there’s
No one left but me…but me.
Track Name: Dried Pills of Lassitude

Staring outside my distorted window
And leaving--all my thoughts…behind…
All the antiques and clowns- on the side
Frozen dead like me…

Look into this world and breathe
Oh come visit me in my hospital room
How the days grow long
Track Name: Mania of the Poltergeist

Whispers slowly
Withering through me
Echoes inside my head
Collapsing through the stairs

With all these voices
no one can save you

Into our elusive realms..

And what I really want to do..
Is release myself from this dying state
Its what this mania inside
The mania of the poltergeist

I can't touch you
I can't feel you
But I can see you

I want it all
I want it all
I want to fall beneath you (sink)
I want die to save you

Into you.